Christmas is only once a year and it wouldn't be the same without all the special treats, but remember a little of anything is fine, just don't overindulge. Control is the word here and not going back for that second helping.

Here are my tips:

You don't have to deprive yourself of any food if eaten in moderate amounts. It’s when you gorge on too much high fatty, high sugar foods that it can cause problems, moderation is the key especially at this time of the year.

Where possible take your own healthy food to functions, this way you always have something good to eat and the hosts will love your contribution. Never go to an event starving.

Increase your activity levels to help compensate for eating and drinking more than usual. Now is the time to be committed to your workouts as this will allow you to have a few treats and not gain weight. Even when it is hot why not do something like water aerobics to help keep you cool.

Don’t use Christmas as your excuse to just ‘go for it’. Most of the treats i.e. chocolate nuts, mince pies and cashews are available 365 days of the year so there is no need to “go crazy” just because it’s Christmas, remember you can have them all year round.

Even with the best of intentions you may falter occasionally, and if that happens the key is to get back on track as quickly as possible. Eat lighter the next day, do some exercise and plan some healthy meals in advance. Don’t say to yourself “it’s too hard in December, I’ll get back on track in January” or, worse still give up completely. Be your number one supporter!

There is one gift that you should give to yourself at Christmas time and that is the gift of good health and wellbeing...priceless.